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Liquid Sunshine in a Straw



Honeystix gourmet flavored treats are a natural source of energy and wholesome enjoyment for all ages and interests. 5 flavorful grams of honey provide a natural burst of energy with only 14 calories per stix. Honeystix is  environmentally packaged.

Honeystix comes in a rainbow of 18 enticing flavors and can be enjoyed by itself, added to your tea or coffee, used as an ice-cream topping, or spread on top of toast, muffins or bagels.

On your counter, in your store or at the roadside stand, these mini-treats will sell themselves.

The colorful, compact counter display shown here holds a variety of up to 12 flavors of your choice and 
takes up less than one square foot 

of valuable counter space.  The rack is FREE with your first order of 24 bags of 100 stix. You can order our from our "Best Sellers" or you can select 24 of your favorite flavors.

Honeystix is a natural product made in Oregon and distributed by Carolyn Michaels Enterprises, Inc. Orders are shipped from Salem, Oregon, to locations throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Telephone, Fax and email orders are accepted by Visa, MasterCard or Discover. COD shipping is also available. For ordering information, see the order form.

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